The Life of a Voice Over Artist

You hear voices during your daily routine – on the radio while you’re driving, in advertisements or on TV and radio commercials; on your phone’s automated caller ID; on audible educational materials; and even in toys when you press their buttons (think Buzz Lightyear). Voice over artists are the ones who perform these roles. They may work for an audio production company, a recording studio, or as freelancers, which means that they can choose when and where they work.

To become a professional voice over artist, you need three primary pieces of equipment: a laptop or tablet with recording and editing software, a good quality microphone, and a home studio. It’s also important to have an ear for what a client wants and how to best capture their voice in a recording session, which is why working with a seasoned voice coach is a great way to build up your skills.

The life of a voice over artist can be both exciting and challenging. It is possible to find short term projects, such as a 20-second commercial, but the work can also take months to complete. Many of the voice actors who work in the industry are members of the British Actors Union EQUITY and American actors’ union SAG/AFTRA.

When not in front of a mic, a professional voice over artist might spend time continuing their training through voice lessons or by taking part in workshops or classes to keep up with new techniques and trends. They might also be handling administrative tasks or preparing for upcoming auditions. voice over artists

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