The Reserve Residences offer a unique lifestyle in a peaceful and beautiful community. With a variety of floor plans and great amenities to choose from, the apartments are designed with comfort and style in mind. With 9-foot ceilings and luxury apartment features, residents can enjoy a comfortable and spacious living environment.

The plight of Aboriginal peoples is complicated and the subject of ongoing dialogue and debate. However, it is widely accepted that the cultural genocide and social disruption caused by the colonization of reserves, discriminatory legislation such as the Indian Act, and federal programs such as residential schools created enduring hardships for First Nations communities.

In Canada, reserves are generally located in areas where economic opportunities are limited and the Crown retains ownership of natural resources such as land and water. In addition, many communities do not have access to private credit, making it difficult for band members to obtain mortgages or small business loans.

Inadequate on-reserve housing is one of the primary issues facing Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Houses on reserve are often shoddily constructed with the Western nuclear family unit in mind and cannot accommodate larger, more extensive Aboriginal families. Overcrowding contributes to social issues such as low educational achievement rates and health problems. Moisture buildup in poorly constructed, overcrowded houses is also a major concern. This can lead to mould growth and a multitude of health issues. In addition, a lack of proper construction and funding can result in a rapid deterioration of on-reserve housing. reserve residences

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