Top 100 Baby Girl Names of 2014

When picking the name for your little girl, you want to find one that reflects her personality and unique traits. A rising trend that BabyCenter has noticed is the popularity of names with strong, resilient meanings like Faith, Grace and Serenity. Parents also are opting to give their daughters names with a connection to the outdoors or nature, such as Aurora and Isabella. Other top girl names this century have roots in foreign cultures such as Layla, with its Arabic origins and Mila, which has Slavic roots.

Hazel rose to the next level in 2014 after the release of the movie “The Fault in Our Stars.” It’s a great choice for girls with green eyes or born in May, as Emerald is her birthstone. Nora has jumped more than 60 spots since 2003, thanks to the popularity of the Steve Martin family comedy “Cheaper by the Dozen.” It’s shared by the character played by Piper Perabo. Riley, a favorite among new babies, is an alternate spelling of the classic name Ella. It’s also the name of the daughter of singer John Legend and NASCAR driver Justin Allgaier.

Sage is a unisex name with Latin roots that translate to wise and healthy. It’s the 179th most popular moniker this year. baby girl name

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