Top 6 Customs to Know When Traveling Beijing

While there are so many things to consider when traveling to a new place, one of the basic things that should be covered by any traveler is to gain a little bit of knowledge on the country’s customs.

Beijing is the capital city of China. This article will show excited travelers what are some of the practices in Beijing; these are the top 8 that are most commonly seen and observed by travelers. Getting equipped with simple knowledge beforehand will provide you a more fun and meaningful adventure as you travel. It will also prepare you so that you will not be so shocked when you arrive and can focus more on enjoying the differences as well as what they have to offer.


1. Spitting is acceptable.

Chinese locals like to spit. Visitors might find it unpleasant to see locals spitting. However, they do this openly because of the belief that it is important to remove wastes from one’s body. Spitting publicly has already been addressed and there is less of it is going on, but has not completely vanished.

2. Introducing others not needed.

Shaking hands are usually done in business and other social gatherings. However, introducing one’s companion is less common. They do not follow the Western culture which puts a lot of emphasis on introduction. Most women do not shake hands but will not.

When entering a house, it is best to leave your slippers outside. This comes from the belief that the ground is dirty and some things and places like a home should not get dirty. It is also better to wear socks since it is believed that those who do not wear socks do not have the means to buy one. It is also best to remove your shoes or slippers before climbing to reach something.

3. Chopsticks is commonly used when eating.

Most locals eat with chopsticks. Try eating with chopsticks. This is a great way to immerse in their culture. Keep in mind that eating with the hands is not usually allowed and the bones from the parts of the meat are put on another plate.

4. Tipping is not acceptable.

Do not tip as this can be seen somewhat as an insult. Tipping is not a common practice as it is commonly practiced by Westerners. Workers do not expect this. However, you can tip bellboys at the hotel, drivers, and even tour guides. You can also consider tipping those who work in Western hotels and restaurants.

5. They do not use toilet paper.

They usually do not use toilet paper. Bring toilet paper around with you. This is not usually provided at public toilets. Also, the public toilets are usually not known to be well kept. Therefore, if possible try to use the toilet at your hotel.

6. Crosswalks are not given significant importance.

Crosswalks are not usually observed. Cars at the crosswalks will not stop. Be careful when crossing the street. You must look to your left ad to your right. Pedestrians at crosswalks still do not stand much change if a vehicle approaches. custom socks manufacturer

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