Trade and Travel 2.0 Revealed – How to Do Well in a Bear Market

Hundreds of people from around the world are earning a supplementary income trading stocks and traveling the globe. It sounds too good to be true, and yet it is. They are called “traders,” and they are changing their lives by doing what they love.

Teri Ijeoma, the founder of Trade and Travel 2.0, has redesigned her popular course to include advanced trading strategies that do well in a bear market. The new version of her flagship course costs $2,500 and what she calls her “VIP Program” is $5,000.

The old version of her course taught students how to make money when stocks are rising, but when the market went down she realized that many students did not have the tools they needed to do well in a bear market. In her latest revision, she added more complex strategies that do well in up and down markets.

As a result, her new course is more effective at helping students to do well in any market, including a bear market. The course also includes a vault of coaching calls and other learning materials that can be reviewed over and over again until the student has an “aha moment.” In addition, she has built a supportive community to help students overcome their fear and anxiety of learning to trade and invest. Her students are known as trade cuzzins and they offer encouragement, advice, moral support, and feedback to each other as they learn to trade. trade and travel 2.0

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