Types of Fire Pumps for Sale

Fire pumps sit silently and unobtrusively in the basements and bottom stories of skyscrapers, but if that building were to experience a fire they provide an important service. Fire pumps increase the pressure (measured in psi or bar) of a water supply in order to send it with enough force and volume to protect the facility’s sprinkler systems.

There are many different types of fire pumps, but the most commonly used in buildings are vertical turbine, end suction and horizontal split-case models. These pumps can be powered by either electric or diesel engines and have a wide range of rated capacity and pressure.

In-line fire pumps are one of the most widely used and take up minimal space as their suction and delivery flanges are located on the same line. However, they have limited applications as they can only be used with an electric driver and they are more expensive to repair.

Horizontal split-case fire pumps are easy to maintain due to their split casing which can be opened for access. They also have the largest rated capacity and pressure of all fire pump models, but they are the most expensive to purchase and need the most space to install.

Designed for wildland firefighting, MARK-3 portable fire pumps are the preferred pump of initial attack crews and forestry agencies worldwide. They are able to withstand high-pressures, and have an aluminum alloy pump cylinder with replaceable wear rings and an impregnated crankcase. fire pumps for sale

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