What Is a Phone Answering Service?

A phone answering service is a company that answers calls on behalf of its clients. They typically use scripts provided by their client to guide them through each call. This allows the answering service to help callers in a professional manner, while maintaining their brand and tone of voice.

Answering services are useful for businesses that have a lot of callers, but don’t have enough employees to handle it all. They are also helpful for business that need to maintain a high level of customer service, even after hours and on weekends.

There are many different answering service providers that offer various types of solutions for your business. Some have a specific focus, like medical answering services, while others are more general and cater to all kinds of businesses.

Regardless of which type of answering service you choose, they will all provide the same basic functionality of taking and managing inbound calls. They can also assist with other call-related tasks, such as messaging, appointment setting, and resolving customer technical or support issues.

Some answering services allow you to forward your current business number to them (on a live, real-time basis or on an after-hours or weekend basis). This lets you keep your own personal phone line and publish a new professional answering service number that customers can call.

No matter how great your on-site receptionist is, they will still have bad days where they are sick or their kid is in a field trip they want to chaperone. A quality answering service can ensure your calls are never missed, even if the on-site team isn’t available to take them.

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