What Is a Silver Kiddush Cup?

A silver kiddush cup is used to hold wine during Jewish wedding ceremonies, Shabbat and holidays. It is also used to drink wine before meals that are kosher for Passover. The cup is often decorated with etchings or paintings but this is not considered to be an indication of quality or value. The cup should be wiped clean after each use and shined from time to time using a silver cleaning solvent.

It is advisable to have individual cups for each person at a meal as this will prevent cross-contamination. This is especially important if there are people who are not well and may not be able to wash their hands properly. It is also healthier for people to drink from their own cup as this will prevent them from drinking tainted wine. If a cup is shared it is advisable to pour the wine back into its original bottle before using it again.

Typically, the cup is engraved with the family name or words of blessing to God. Other designs include stars of David, lions and vines which are symbolic of the Jewish culture. In addition, many people prefer to have their sons’ Bar Mitzvah names engraved onto the cup as a way of celebrating this important event in their lives.

The cup can be made from a variety of materials including anodized aluminum pewter and Sterling silver 925. It must be able to hold at least a revi’it of liquid and it must not be made from glass or other non-kosher materials. It is a good idea to choose a cup with a stem on it but it is just as common to find ones without a stem. It is a good idea to get the cup made by someone who specializes in this type of work because they will be able to create something that is unique and personal while following the rules of Judaism.wine fountains

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