What is a Solid Conservatory Roof?

A solid conservatory roof is a highly insulated roofing solution that’s suitable for most types of conservatory. It eliminates draughts and makes the space comfortable all year round. It’s also a great way to reduce your energy bills. It is a major investment but it’s considered by many homeowners to be well worth the money. It will add value to the property as well as provide a better place for you and your family to relax in.

The average cost for a solid conservatory roof is PS4000 – PS7000 for most conservatory styles (lean-to conservatories are typically slightly cheaper). This cost may seem high but when you consider the other benefits of this type of replacement roof it’s a good option to consider.

A solid roof is a very thick and well-insulated roof that is installed over an existing lightweight conservatory roof frame. It can be fitted onto an existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory or it can replace a traditional tiled conservatory roof.

Once the timber cladding is in place it is then fitted with purpose-made roof insulation and any ridge and end caps to create a sleek and stylish aesthetics to your new conservatory roof. It is essential that these are fitted properly to ensure waterproofing and weather proofing.

Depending on your installer and the design style you choose for your new conservatory, you’ll then have a number of tile options to choose from. Many installers will use plastic tiles to keep costs down but for those with a higher budget there are real slate and synthetic “slate” replica tile options available which look amazing. solid conservatory roof

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