A Tailored suit is a garment consisting of a jacket and a skirt made from the same fabric. It became a staple for women in the late nineteenth century, as it replaced dresses and reflected a certain degree of social success. The tailored look was reassuring, and it attenuated social, cultural and even national differences. Its appearance, however, was still coded in masculine criteria and standards, as it was characterized by the use of men’s fabrics and by accessories influenced by men’s clothing.

Unlike off the rack suits, a tailor made suit is crafted to your precise body measurements and specifications. It may require several fittings to ensure that the fit is perfect. The tailor will also work with you to select the fabric and design options for your suit. This customization allows you to create a suit that truly represents your personality and style.

Tailors can craft your suit using a full-canvassed construction or with a half-canvassing technique. Both methods offer superior drape and fit, but the former requires more time and effort to construct.

The construction method used will also affect the lifespan of your suit. Full-canvassed suits are crafted with interlinings made of horse or camel hair that span the entire front panel, including lapels. This provides greater structure and a smoother, more polished finish. However, if you are working with a limited budget, a half-canvassed suit can be just as attractive and provide a good fit. Tailored suit

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