What Is Amber?

Amber is an organic gemstone that has been mined and collected for centuries. It comes from the Baltic Sea region of Europe, where the earth’s crust has eroded and deposited it as sea shells.

It is one of the oldest organic gems and is found in a variety of shapes, colors and forms. Raw Amber can have a variety of natural inclusions and often contains small insects, plants and other creatures trapped inside its original resin.

The primary color of Amber is a yellowish or golden color. This color comes from tree resin that was re-hardened by the sea over millions of years, which gives it a unique and beautiful appearance.

Some Amber can be translucent or partially transparent, but the majority of it is opaque. Transparent amber is very rare, and only about 10% of the world’s production comes in this form.

This type of Amber is more valuable than raw or oxidized amber and can be quite expensive, as well as a beautiful and unique material to work with in jewelry making. Many Amber pieces contain insect or plant inclusions and can be a treasure to collectors who love to see the details in their treasures.

It’s a fascinating material and one that has influenced the way we look at gems for centuries. Throughout history, people have associated amber with richness and prestige. It is thought that the mystical properties of amber made it a popular gem for kings and queens, as they believed it was the source of their wealth and power.

The magical properties of amber also led to the belief that the earth was encapsulated in the material. Symbolists also connected amber with the Akashic, the cosmic place where ancient souls reside. It is said that amber can hold an electric charge, and that rubbing it against wool or silk can cause frictional electricity to build up.

These qualities were especially important to ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed that amber represented the essence of life. They used the amber to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to those who wore it.

It was also a symbol of fertility, as it was often worn by women to ensure they had plenty of children. It was also a powerful cure for many ailments, including asthma and infertility.

In the Middle Ages, amber was one of the most valuable treasures in the Baltic region. It was traded to cities across Europe, and during the medieval period, amber workshops were established in places such as Gdansk.

Today, amber is still a highly prized gem. It is mined and crafted into many types of jewelry, from necklaces to rings and earrings.

Amber is an exceptionally beautiful gemstone and can have a variety of colors, such as white, yellow, tan and reddish. This gemstone is also one of the most rare and valued in the world, as it has been re-hardened by the sea over hundreds of millions of years. Amber Sea

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