Counselling is a process that helps people to explore their feelings with trained professionals in a safe and peaceful ambiance. It helps to understand the root of problems and also provides tools, techniques and suggestions that can help in resolving them. The counselling sessions can be taken either on a one-off basis or as a course that lasts for several months or years.

The counselling sessions often involve examining upsetting emotions and memories. This can make the person feel worse in the short term but can be a necessary part of the process. It is important to build a trusting relationship with the counsellor and be open about your feelings. If you don’t feel comfortable with the counsellor, it is always okay to look for another one.

A counselling session involves effective listening. The counsellor will encourage you to speak in detail about your problem so that he can capture the entire picture. He will observe all the minute details like how you speak, your body language, facial expressions and other factors. He will then assess the situation and set a goal to overcome the problem.

The counsellor will provide you with various tools that can help you to solve the issues that are causing you anxiety and stress. These may include different exercises, self-soothe methods and reflection exercises. They will also teach you how to take control of your thoughts and emotions so that they do not affect you negatively.

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