Why Agencies Need University Agency Accounts

Invest with a team who knows your goals
In addition to the investment expertise, time and resources you pay for in an agency account, you also get the benefit of working closely with someone who understands your unique situation and helps devise a financial plan that is tailored just for you. This is one of the reasons why many investors choose to work with an agency.

The trend toward value-based pricing is gaining traction in the industry, and agencies need to be prepared. This means thinking about how the value of your services differs depending on who you’re working with and adjusting your pricing accordingly.

Agencies need to have the right tools and strategies in place to be successful in 2023. Developing strong relationships with clients, aligning with their business goals and delivering measurable results are essential to agency growth.

Generally, agency accounts are set up for non-university entities to record activity related to specific agreements or events. The university acts as a custodian or fiscal agent for these accounts and does not exercise direct financial control over the funds. Revenue and expense transactions for agency accounts are excluded from the university’s income statements and fund balances are reclassified at fiscal year end.

Having an agency account allows for easy management of multiple client accounts in one location. It also enables the use of af_prt with an agency name in the attribution link, which is required by some networks to enable attributing new installs to the agency.

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