Why Choose Online Coaching

Online coaching is a developmental partnership between coach and client, focused on individual growth and the provision of support to achieve specific goals. It is distinct from teletherapy and telepsychiatry. Online coaching uses a variety of communication methods including asynchronous emails, synchronous instant/video messaging and audio calls.

There are many reasons to choose to be coached online, some include:

A high-quality online coaching experience should feel as immersive and real as face-to-face sessions. This is achieved through video coaching software that offers stable, quality video connections as well as a virtual world where the coach and client can engage with each other in 3D space.

The coaching platform also allows the coach and client to communicate in a variety of ways; instant/video messaging, audio calls and a private client portal where documents, surveys, videos and other resources can be shared. This ensures a great level of interaction between the client and coach and also gives the coach the ability to provide feedback to their clients, and to see how their clients are progressing through the programme.

Depending on the coaching package selected, clients will be given clear ‘to-do’ tasks and check ins, which they can then complete at their convenience; this encourages intrinsic motivation. They can also track their progress through the coaching system with data such as food tracking, daily weigh ins, sleep tracking and steps, and stress management tasks such as meditation apps and journaling which the coach can monitor and give feedback on.

When choosing to be coached online it is important to find a coach who you trust, has a good understanding of your personal goals and can help you stay accountable and on track. You can do this by finding a coach who has a similar mindset to you and the same training style. You can also choose to work with coaches who specialise in areas that you are interested in, for example, training for a competition or to improve your strength/reps in the gym.

Another benefit of online coaching is that you can train around your own schedule. This is a big benefit for people who have busy lifestyles, as they don’t have to worry about fitting in their training sessions around family commitments, or commute times.

For those looking to start their own online coaching business, there are plenty of opportunities for them to do so. Many coaches have been able to quit their day jobs and build successful coaching businesses, working from home or even whilst travelling. This is something that can be done with the right amount of planning, time and dedication, and there are some fantastic resources available to help you get started!

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