Why Photographers Should Outsource Photo Editing

Outsourcing photo editing is one of the best things a professional photographer can do to help their business grow. It provides the flexibility for photographers to work on other parts of their business, optimize processes, and potentially even add new specialties or lines of revenue. It also gives them back the time they spent on tedious tasks like photo edits to focus on their marketing and growth efforts.

It saves time, money, and energy. Photographers who outsource their photo editing are able to focus on other parts of the business, increase or decrease pricing, take on more clients, create a marketing plan, or even go on a vacation. The more time you have to dedicate to growing your business, the more potential clients and referrals you’ll have.

A professional editor can take your photos to the next level without the stress and cost of learning Photoshop. Nisa Zulkifli, co-founder of conscious skincare brand Speak, tried learning Photoshop herself but found that it took her hours of time — time she could have been spending on other parts of her business.

Whether you’re a wedding or portrait photographer, it can be difficult to keep up with editing as your business grows. When you outsource your editing to a team of professional editors, you’ll see faster and more consistent turnaround times.

Many outsourcing companies use teams of freelancers that are all pulling images from a shared folder. Prioritization and skill matching happens on a case-by-case basis and is often done on an ad hoc basis, which leads to inconsistent and opaque workflows. Instead, at Pixelz, we use digital assembly line technology that splits image editing into component steps completed by specialist editors and automated processes in a proprietary Photoshop client with artificial intelligence serving as traffic control. outsource photo editing

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