Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer in Louisiana

When you are facing a criminal charge, your best option for legal defense is to have a Louisiana certified criminal lawyer on your side. This will ensure that all legal points related to your case are accounted for and properly addressed. In addition, a qualified attorney can help you navigate the legal process including arraignment, trial and, if applicable, the sealing of your record.

Every state has its own system for classifying crimes and identifying statutory punishments for those offenses. In Louisiana, a crime is either a felony or misdemeanor, and the penalties vary from fines to incarceration. There are also different programs that can allow you to avoid a conviction or jail time, such as drug treatment, deferred prosecutions, community service and other alternatives. A qualified criminal attorney can help you understand the rules and procedures for these programs as well as how to persuade a judge to agree to this outcome.

Eric has extensive experience defending clients from criminal prosecutions, including murder, attempted murder, manslaughter and other serious felony charges. He has successfully defended clients in grand jury investigations, federal and state trials and appeals. He has defended individuals and businesses involved in mail fraud, wire fraud, public corruption, healthcare fraud (Medicaid or Medicare fraud), bank fraud, contractor fraud, money laundering and other white collar crimes. He has also represented clients in post-conviction relief proceedings and writ applications. For his efforts, he was the recipient of the Justice Albert Tate Award, given by the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, for dedication to or in defense of those constitutional principles for which Justice Tate stood. criminal lawyer in louisiana

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